“I have worked with Mark Gunn for more than seven years, first as a programmer and more recently as one of the top radio personalities in Louisville. Mark is very professional, is a positive influence in the halls of the radio station, and is a extremely valuable asset to the operation.”

Alan Sneed - Alan Sneed Consultants


"Mark is a talented and gifted broadcaster who excels as both as a voice-talent and a program strategist."

Jerry Boulding - Format Editor Urban/Urban AC, All Access Music Group


"Multi talented, professional, positive... These are but a few words to describe the deep talent of Mark Gunn. A man who can create vision and implement it through voice, music, production, the written word and all with a tremendous understanding of marketing and audience, Gunn is known as the consummate professional. Mark understands both the business of media combined with his audience expectations. That is no small If you're looking to increase readership and/or audience, you've found your man.”

Tony Cruise - Morning Anchor, WHAS Radio


"There are many words to describe Mark Gunn...creative, professional, passionate, energetic, innovative....but the surest way to appreciate the extensive and diverse skill set he possesses is to PERSONALLY CONNECT with him! I had the pleasure of working with Mark at KACE/Los Angeles, where we collaborated on innumerable projects. I'm very glad to have been his friend and colleague ever since. He's a first-call sounding board for creative endeavors as well as an insightful source on cultural and technical matters. He has a musician's ear, an artist's eye, and a philosopher's mind, and I highly recommend you tap into his wealth of experience, knowledge, and craftsmanship for your next media project."

Mark Drummond - Owner, Mark Drummond Creative


"I've worked with Mark on several projects. I've known of Mark since he was in Columbus and I was in Auburn, a time span of about 25 years. He is professional, perceptive, honest, and frankly a lot of fun as Mark's creativity is second to none. Ihighly recommend Mark for any media need."

Donna J. Foust - Attorney, Kommer & Associates


"I had the pleasure of working with Mark for 4 years. His knowledge of radio and music is second to none.He also held an important role in the community and was seen as their "voice" on many occasions. Every radio personality should strive for this - Mark succeeded, going above and beyond for his listeners. I couldn't recommend Mark more."

Annrae Fitzgerald, Program Director / Afternoon Drive, WLRS - Radio One, Louisville, KY.


"Mark Gunn is a very smart businessman. He is a team player and a fast learner. Mark always delivers projects on time and under budget."

Jesus Garber - Founder and Chairman The Jesus Garber Company


"I would highly recommend Mark as a service provider, partner and/or team player for implementation and completion of any business endeavor. Mark will go beyond the call of duty to insure that all components are complete. It was a pleasure working with Mark and I looking forward to working with him in the future."

Duane M. Lightfoot- Senior Publisher "Who's Who in Black Louisville"


“Mark Gunn's voice is one I equate with the city of Louisville, KY. When I moved there as a college freshman, it was one of the first ones I heard and remained a part of my every day until this very day. Little did I know that after graduating college and moving into a career in television, that I would be lucky enough to meet Mark and watch him work. I've learned so much just by watching and listening. I would recommend Mark's voice and professionalism for anyone who has a message to get across... People will listen!”

Julie Smith - CBS Atlanta 46 Traffic Reporter & Host of "Atlanta Plugged In".