"GunnShots Str8 From The Hip" is the latest addition to the Mark Gunn Media Inc. portfolio of services. It's a chance for us to tackle current events from a perspective not heard enough in mainstream media.


We’re putting the spotlight on uncommon Sisters doing uncommon things in our special series called “Black Women Badassery”.

Here’s your chance to help produce these episodes. We’re looking for Black Women that are doing things or are in professions that you wouldn’t think to find them doing. For example, take Cynthia Marshall of the Dallas Mavericks, the first Black CEO of an NBA franchise, or any number of women venturing off the beaten path.

Tell us about someone you know who may fit the bill by sending us an email below. Just include “Black Women Badassery” in the subject line.

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Your opinion is very important to us, so please share it in the space below. Your comments could be shared on the next episode.

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