*** A Difficult, But Much Needed Conversation Needs To Happen ***

Klaus Wedfelt

Klaus Wedfelt

Mark Gunn Media Inc. offers a safe space in order to give you a chance to share your thoughts and experiences regarding racism

Mark Gunn, Owner and President of Mark Gunn Media Inc. is giving you the space to speak your mind when it comes to the topic of racism.

As a long time member of the media, Gunn has always used his platform in the fight for social justice. Now, more than ever, it’s important to get people talking.

“Media has always had a responsibility to operate in the public trust,” said Mark Gunn, Owner & President of Mark Gunn Media Inc., “and if we’re being completely honest, we’ve been as much a part of the problem as any other factor. This is a chance to become part of the solution and do something very rarely done in local and national media.”

Gunn’s vision is to eventually host a live online forum, involving personalities from local media outlets serve as moderators, asking questions about race and racism that will be submitted ahead of the broadcast by you.

*** A Message From Mark Gunn ***

I’ve been trying to get information over the past few months from those that have indicated that you would be a big part of making this event happen. In order to do that, I need your feedback.

In discussing the topic of race, there are things most often said that you can set your watch by. At some point in every conversation on the topic. Some people have a tendency of becoming very defensive whenever the subject comes it, which makes it almost impossible to have the conversation.

When pondering the “why” of it all, the following observations come to light:


1)       An ego driven fear of being wrong


2)     Being implicated in existing inequalities because of the belief that they are a good person


3)     Not doing enough out of fear of losing a job or relationships


4)     Any discussion of race makes you the troublemaker or the problem


These are among the reasons why you hear statements like:


1)       Why does everything have to be about race?

2)     Slavery was a long time ago. Why can’t you just get over it?

3)     I never owned slaves and you were never a slave.

4)     You’re making it up. It wasn’t about race.

5)     You’re playing the “race card”.

6)     You’re stirring the pot.

7)     You’re racist for bringing it up.

8)     Why is there no White Entertainment Television or NAAWP?

9)     I don’t have White Privilege?

10)   You’re racist against White people.

11)     America’s not racist. We had a Black president.


4 Things To Understand About Racism


1 Good people can unintentionally say racist things

2 Race is a social construct, but it doesn’t mean that racism isn’t real

3 Color blindness is not a fix for racism. In fact, it’s the opposite

4 Reverse Racism is not a thing

Check this page every week because we’ll post a different question regarding race relations. Your input goes a long way to helping us put this summit together.

This week’s question

“When was the first time you heard the word “nigger” and how did it make you feel?”

Please feel free to comment in the space below. Your input is extremely important if this effort is going to succeed.

Thank You, Home

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